Welcome to RfG – Refashion for Good, a project to empower school communities towards a 4R way of living through fashion.

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting and wasteful industries, but it can also be a powerful tool for social change and environmental awareness. Join us and learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover your clothes and accessories while expressing your creativity and identity.

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Refashion for Good project strives for empowering teenagers with the

4R philosophy of life to tackle fashion over-consumption focusing on its environmental and social impact









To empower teachers with methods and tools to activate themselves and students towards 4Rs practices in fashion;


To empower students with competences towards embedding a 4R way of living;


To nourish RfG ambassadors to trigger change in the community.



Development of a database of RfG Lesson Plans Package on sustainable fashion environmentally and socially, including pilot testing;


Development of a RfG Teachers’ Training Toolbox including handbook, Off and online trainings and practical manuals;


Development of the RfG Multimedia Hub with resources & showcase space for students and AV material for teachers.


Best Practices collected

Teachers involved in interviews to develop case studies

At least 10 teachers and 80 students participating in the piloting testing

Teachers participating in the physical LTTA

Youth workers/trainers teachers participating in online workshops

Students and 80 teachers will access the RfG Multimedia Hub